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Last week we reached the conclusion of our five-week Short Advanced Programme (SAP), focusing on Ethics & Values in Hospitality and Tourism. Organised collaboratively by TUS in Ireland and NHL Stenden, this edition of the SAP brought together twenty-five students from seven universities of the RUN-EU consortium. Guided by a team of seven lecturers from TUS, Howest, and NHL Stenden, the face-to-face week was held in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, from April 22nd to April 26th.

This SAP focused on the intricate realm of Sex Tourism and Sex Trafficking within the Hospitality and Tourism industry. The curriculum was structured around real-world Design Challenges, which comprises of policy, research, business strategies and operational aspects within hotels that has to take the risk into account.

During the face-to-face week, students and lecturers had the opportunity to visit different partner sites in Amsterdam. Thanks to the Municipality of Amsterdam’s specialised division addressing these issues, the students were presented with the different approaches and rules and regulations in place. The students also had the opportunity to visit operational sites of the business, these visits provided firsthand exposure to the stark realities of Sex Tourism and Sex Trafficking. Moreover, a presentation by West Cord Hotels shed light on the impact of these issues on multinational corporations and the responsibility that hoteliers have for the business but also the vulnerable individuals.

The diversity among the eighteen nationalities represented in the programme added a dynamic dimension, enriched discussions and generated insightful recommendations for the industry. Many educators found themselves engaged in lively sessions, due to the students’ eagerness to delve deeper into the subject matter by the number of questions they have. The diverse perspectives brought to the table, coupled with the on- and -off-classroom learning experiences, have resulted in meaningful insights and actionable recommendations within the Hospitality and Tourism industry given by students.