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Title: Increasing quality of propaedeutic ateliers and realisation of small-scale and intensive education

Timeline: January 2020 – December 2024

• facilitators get insight into the impact of facilitation strategies on students’ learning processes
• these facilitation strategies have a positive effect on the quality of education and the quality of our students, the satisfaction of students, lecturers and the professional field and lead to an increase in the student success rate.

In the ateliers (class rooms) of Hotel Management School Leeuwarden, intensive and small-scale education takes place. Facilitating ateliers requires other facilitation strategies (didactical interventions) than educators are generally used to. The main tasks of the educators is facilitating design, contextual, self-directed, constructive and collaborative learning. It seems that most lecturers ‘struggle’ with the same questions regarding the facilitation of ateliers. Facilitators have questions such as: When do I intervene, how do I ask good questions without being directive, how do I make sure that students gain sufficient knowledge while designing a prototype, when do I transfer knowledge and when not, how do I encourage self-directed learning, how do I motivate students, what do I do with unmotivated students, what if students don’t have the skills to solve the issue, what if students don’t know what they need to solve the practical question, etc? Design-Based Learning Study (DBLS) is a method to analyse and improve the quality of facilitation strategies with the goal to improve students’ learning processes in an evidence-informed way. It helps facilitators and students become aware of learning processes. In addition, DBLS supports facilitators to design facilitation strategies, collectively based on shared DBE facilitators’ experiences.

• Professorship Vakdidactiek en Beroep S. de Vries.

Outcomes so far:
• Design Based Learning Study for BA and AD learning communities, NHL Stenden Hospitality Group (NHG) learning communities. Dialogues about Design Based Education at Hotel Management School Leeuwarden, underlying principles and roles. Designing didactical strategies
• Design Based Learning Study in two other programmes of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
• (Poster)Presentations at various programmes of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Onderwijs Research Dagen, CHME2023, EuroCHRIE and The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS)
• DBLS magazine, inventory of DBE designed didactical strategies

Moving forward: Integrating the DBLS as a educators’ way of learning, researching and designing education.