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On Wednesday, November 29, over 1,000 NHL Stenden students visited the WestCord WTC hotel in Leeuwarden for the Industry Fair. At the fair, students from three study programmes can orientate themselves on an internship, but also network with the nearly 100 (inter)national companies present.

In previous years, only Hotel Management School Leeuwarden organised the Industry Fair, but this year Leisure & Events Management and Tourism Management of NHL Stenden Hogeschool are participating as well. Ellen van der Spoel, work field coordinator of Tourism Management, looks back on a successful day: “Companies were surprised by what the students asked. They were straightforward and really wanted to know what they were going to learn at the company. For students, there is no better way to practice networking with companies when it is presented in such a way.” Placements were actually secured: “One of our associate degree students had a speed date with the Hyatt hotel. She was very nervous, but after the interview, she showed a big grin. Hyatt had offered her an internship in Abu Dhabi!” A successful day, for both companies and students.

Stephanie van Oorschot, Industry Relations Officer at Hotel Management School Leeuwarden and co-organiser of the fair, was also happy with the result: “We got positive reactions to the fact that we combined the three courses. This is the moment for companies to meet talent from the hospitality, leisure and event industry. It was a successful test to see how we can do more with this in the long term.”

One of the fair’s companies, is Germany-based Proske: an organiser for corporate events around the world: live, online and hybrid events mainly in healthcare and technology. Lisa Höckh, People Operations Generalist at Proske: “I often start the conversation by asking: ‘What appeals to you within our company? What would you like to know more about?’” Proske doesn’t put out specific internships towards students, because there is always room. “And if not, we link up with colleagues and find a place somewhere. The students I spoke to at the fair are very open and know what they want. It stands out to me that the quality of the students is high and that’s great for us because students are motivated and eager to get started.”

Landal GreenParks had a lot of students coming to their stand. Henri Meringa, General Manager at Landal GreenParks: “With 300 parks and offices spread across the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and England, among others, most students know Landal GreenParks. So, we don’t have to do much promotion.” Landal GreenParks was mainly present to share information with students about the many opportunities the company offers. With a future focused on AI, digitalisation and automation, which also play a role within Landal GreenParks, they are an attractive internship site for students.

The three organising parties are very satisfied with a successful event and look forward to the next edition.

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