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In a rapidly changing world, entrepreneurship and innovation is the cornerstone to the future of the hospitality industry. Embedding entrepreneurship education into the curriculum is John Hornby’s PhD research. John’s research questions the relevance and effectiveness of existing teaching methods and advocates for a more tailored approach that addresses the diverse needs of students.

Understanding the complexities of entrepreneurial activities and acknowledging the importance of entrepreneurship education (EE) both in the Netherlands and across the European Union, John focuses his research on the pedagogical strategies and overarching policies that influence entrepreneurial intentions and outcomes. His work aims to offer insights into how the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, encompassing innovative policies, the importance of work experience for students, and educational initiatives, plays a vital role in shaping the landscape of entrepreneurship education in the Netherlands.

The research seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse on optimizing EE to better support emerging entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities and opportunities presented by today’s disruptive business world.

John Hornby is a Senior Lecturer in the Professorship of Disruption, Innovation and New Phenomena and a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University under the supervision of Professor Peter Lugosi and Dr Robert van der Veen.