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Timeline: September 2022 – December 2024

• Set out to rediscover and investigate the relationship between hospitality and care and wellbeing. We believe that students of hospitality, care and wellbeing and nursing have a common focus on the person, and a common goal to make that person feel welcome. Covid19 showed us that the disciplines are interrelated, hospitality students and staff were exposed to hospitals and the care sector and noticed the opportunities of both disciplines.

• This minor provides an opportunity for collaboration between academies and professorships within NHL Stenden. The initial idea was conceived in collaboration with the Associate degree Zorg en Welzijn and the Associate degree Hospitality programmes and the staff and students of these programmes will continue to play a key role in the development of this minor. The cross-disciplinary nature of this topic would also make it interesting for students from many different academic programmes. Students with different perspectives (disciplines, cultures, geographies) will be encouraged to work together to address the design challenges. Professorships at NHL Stenden UAS that will be consulted on this proposal include Hospitality Studies, Digitale Innovatie in Zorg en Welzijn, Sociale Kwaliteit, Verpleegkundig Leiderschap & Onderzoek voor Goede Zorg, Zorg & Innovatie in de Psychiatrie, Zorg voor Jeugd.

• We can draw on the large alumni network that both programmes have, playing a valuable role in the ongoing development of this minor. These alumni and industry partners could also be invited to provide, help develop and give feedback on the Design Challenges. It is important for the success of this minor that all stakeholders (Hospitality/Care & Wellbeing academics, alumni of the programmes active in industry, and the students themselves) feel a sense of ownership as they have co-created this minor.

The (desired) outcomes
1. Cross-disciplinary collaboration
2. Satisfied and loyal guest in some settings, and in other settings it may be a feeling of being cared about as well as being cared for (Kelly, Losekoot & Wright-StClair, 2016). In both cases it is about using the skills and knowledge of the professional to deliver care, ensuring that the physical environment and processes also support that aim.
3. Academic year 2022-2023: Development of a multi-disciplinary atelier with Associate degree programme Welzijn en Zorg (Social Domain) and professorship Hospitality Studies and associate professorship Design Based Hospitality Education was organized. The first steps are made and were successful. The Associate degree Hospitality Management will be involved as well.