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How will the accommodation sector adapt to climate change and mass tourism but at the same time still be the focus of local community and be authentic, novel and a new experience?

Dr Radu Mihailescu is part of a project called ‘Epic Stays’ where a passion for transformative experiences meets the pressing need for innovation solutions in Europe’s accommodation landscape. Epic Stays is an European Union funded RUN-EU project part of the Erasmus + call which is a co-operation of a few European partners: Hollar University College (Iceland), NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), the Technological University of Shannon (Ireland), MERIDAUNIA local development agency (Italy), Vocational School of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor (Slovenia) and Momentum Marketing Services (Ireland).

The project’s focus is on the so-called alternative tourism accommodation, a concept that includes emerging types of hospitality enterprises away from the traditional hotel business model. Epic Stays is a project that will empower tourism accommodation businesses with the agility, tools, resources, and acumen needed to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. From the picturesque hills of Italy to the windswept shores of Iceland, Europe is fostering a new era of accommodation that requires the hospitality industry to embrace innovation, authenticity, regenerative and environmental principles, and sustainability.

Innovative models such as the one in Italy called “albergo diffuso”, Ireland’s ‘tree houses’, the Netherlands ‘barge boats’ and Iceland’s ‘cave houses’ will be at the heart of the project. Epic Stays will develop a dedicated VET Vocational Education and Training programme that will aim to empower tourism SME businesses to capitalise on the potential of alternative accommodation. The ultimate goal of the project is to craft new solutions for the development of resilient future tourism accommodation.