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How do we engage with stakeholders to imagine the future when there is a natural tendency to focus on the present? In this webinar we discuss engaging with the future through futures literacy and different foresight methodologies such as scenario planning.

Futures Literacy implies the acquisition of certain skills, i.e., those necessary to classify and use the future in an appropriate way. The main skills are the ability to recognize that the future is not merely a continuation of the present.

Join us for a conversation with leading futurists, educators and practitioners in how they engage with the future, experiences and practical examples from the hospitality and tourism sectors and beyond.

Panelists include:
Professor Albert Postma, Professor of Strategic Foresight & Scenario Planning (The Netherlands)
Cristina Riesen, Ambassador of European Innovation Council (Switzerland)
Professor Ted Fuller, UNESCO Chair on Responsible Foresight for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom)
Kristiina Paju, Futures Coordinator (Finland)
Professor Jan Mosedale, Professor & Director of Studies, Master Tourism & Change (Switzerland)

Date and time: Monday, 13th May, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Amsterdam time zone, CET)
Register for the webinar here.