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In October we had the pleasure of hosting Emmy Stoel, General Manager of Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. She is this year’s winner of the prestigious ‘European Hotel Manager of the Year’ award. For 2 days she accompanied our Academy Director, Marco ten Hoor, to get a look behind the scenes, allowing her to learn more about how we educate our students. She joined meetings on industry collaboration, research, accreditation, marketing, and she participated in a meeting with the Executive Board.

The Grand Amsterdam is a significant Industry Partner for Hotel Management School Leeuwarden where our students undertake internships, and the 5-star hotel is frequently visited during field trips.

Emmy has received several awards during COVID due to the hotel’s significant social engagement under her leadership. Her focus primarily revolves around social, cultural, and personnel values, making her an outstanding GM. Emmy Stoel graduated from the Hotel Management School Maastricht, and with a GMP from Cornell University.

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