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Regional Investment Fund (RIF) project Gastvrij Friesland – Developing Hospitality Jobs in Friesland is one of the research projects of the (associate) professorship Hospitality Studies and Hospitality Education and is a showcase for the research line boundary crossing. The objective is to delve into and comprehending the trialogical processes among learners, lecturers-researchers and hospitality partners. Participants of the project include hospitality students, educators and industry partners of vocational level (MBO level) and applied sciences in the Netherlands and Danmark. This project therefore showcases also the AIHR commitment to engage with local issues in a global context.

Title: Developing Hospitality Jobs in Friesland

Timeline: Activities started in August 2022 until August 2026.

Aim: The project aims to design a conceptual framework for developing a talent attraction and retention strategy for the hospitality industry in the Dutch province of Friesland. This research is tailored to the region’s specific needs, aiming to create an adaptable model and framework. Moreover, the research evaluates the effectiveness of current hospitality education programs, providing a supportive approach for the industry to embrace the future of hospitality jobs and empower the current workforce with the necessary skills for upcoming challenges.

Partners: The project is part of a regional investment fund (RIF), a partnership between the province of Friesland, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), Fryslân Werkt!, the Frisian Hospitality Industry (13 companies)  and Frisian Hospitality Education institutes ( (NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Firda, with potential collaboration for comparative studies with different national and international school such as Noorderpoort Groningen, University College of Northern Aalborg Denmark, Dania Academy Randers Denmark).

• Project leader and researcher: George El Hajal, he  is a member of the associate professorship of Hospitality Education.

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