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Recently, our Research Lecturer Dr. Lucia Tomassini and Prof. Elena Cavagnaro have taken the initiative to set up the Special Interest Group (SIG) on ‘Circular Economy and Circularity in the Space of Tourism and Hospitality’. The group is part of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS) who develop transnational educational and research initiatives in tourism and leisure.

The Circular Economy is at the centre of a growing global debate and legislative initiatives. It is therefore remarkable that, despite the growing interest in the circularity paradigm, academics and professionals in the tourism and hospitality branch seem only partially engaged in this debate. As a result, the consequences of the Circular Economy on the tourism and hospitality industry have so far remained unexplored. Especially its social implications in a complex service-oriented industry like tourism and hospitality.

Therefore, SIG is putting together academics and entrepreneurs to prompt discussion, debate, and project proposals on Circular Economy in Tourism and Hospitality and they’d like to involve the industry as much as possible to embrace their perspective, voice and experience.

SIG will officially be launched during the ATLAS webinar which takes place on Friday 31 March 2023 (15.00-16.30 CET) via ZOOM and YouTube livestream.

Interested to join and think along? Participation is free and registration is required.
You can register here: