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KIEM Circular Economy is an externally financed project that illustrates the recently developed research line Principle and Practices in Circular Economy (CE) of the professorship Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism. It also showcases our continuous collaboration with regional industry partners as it is a continuation of the 2020-2021 KIEM HBO Circular Economy in Hospitality. It moreover shows our endeavour to involve students in our projects.

The project is built around the desire of an entrepreneur to upcycle the plastic still used on her camping site on the camping site itself. This seems an easy problem to solve but actually it is rather complex: it involves technical, juridical, and behavioural aspects. The project aims to bring experts together who bridge the different disciplines and ultimately offer a solution for this entrepreneur who wish to close the plastic loop on her facilities. The solution should be scalable to others.

Project Leader and Researcher: Lucia Tomassini

Partners: 2 professorships form NHL Stenden (Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism and Circular Plastics), 2 SME’s (Vrijhaven Camping ; De Haan Advocaten), 1 no-profit association (Circulair Friesland), 3 other involved organisations (Omrin; Circulair Kwartier; Univeristy of Groningen/Campus Fryslân); Internship project for a Hotel Management School student