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This externally financed project, via a funding line that had until then never funded a hospitality project, was one of the work packages of the project ‘Implementation of food interventions in intramural health care and hospitality settings’ (in Dutch: PPS ‘Implementatie van voedingsinterventies in intramurale zorginstellingen en horeca’) led by the WUR. The project, which had a timeline from April 2019 to December 2023, aimed to develop, test and evaluate behavioural interventions to lower animal-based and promote plant-based food in 11 cases, including hotels. During the project we worked together with Wageningen University & Research (overall project management), Breda University of Applied Sciences, three Accor hotels in the Amsterdam region, CELTH, FoodStep and GreenDish.

The main conclusions that could be drawn from the research project are that informing and involving staff (via for example inspiration sessions) is crucial for implementing changes in the food offer. And besides, in all investigated hotel cases most staff members were able to establish, for themselves and their guests, what healthy food entails, but not what sustainable food means.

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Project Leader: Ernst Jonker & Elena Cavagnaro