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This week we welcomed Gijsbregt Brouwer, food trendwatcher and co-founder of the Dutch food platform ‘de Buik’, for a guest lecture. 

His platform reaches over a million people per year with articles on the local food culture and has a curated restaurant guide of 1.500 noteworthy restaurants in Holland. As a trendwatcher, he offers highly praised private and public speaking engagements, and his vision and ideas are published on (inter)national broadcast and trade media. Many well-respected brands in food, drinks, and hospitality are among his trend consultancy clients. And as if this wasn’t enough he also co-hosts a podcast on food news and writes a newsletter on food trends. 

During the guest lecture, Gijbregt discussed the current landscape in food, drinks, and hospitality and provided a sneak preview into the future of this buzzing industry. Topics he covered were experiential dining, international influences, the conceptualisation of outlets, blurring between retail and food service, and some very hands-on topics such as robots, better-for-you food, (digital) customer journey, and the premiumization of outlets. 

The attendance was high and the students definitely left the room inspired!