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Erwin van der Graaf, CEO of Accor Netherlands, has been appointed as the chairman of the Hospitality Pact, a collaboration between vocational education and companies & organizations in the hospitality, recreation, event, and travel sectors. The pact was established to address the staffing shortages in these industries.

Van der Graaf is a well-known industry leader with a diverse career, ranging from general manager in various Accor hotels to recently serving as the vice president of operations managed hotels for Accor in Western Europe. Additionally, he holds the position of chairman of the industry advisory board of Hotel Management School Leeuwarden and is involved with organizations such as ‘Koninklijke Horeca Nederland’ and previously with the ‘Pensioenfonds Horeca en Catering’.

The Hospitality Pact, launched in July, is an initiative to collaborate on attracting, retaining, and training personnel in the hospitality and leisure sector. Various organizations and companies, including Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, ANVR, and HISWA-RECRON, are engaged in this partnership to enhance the labour market in these sectors.

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Source image: Hospitality Management