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Rodney Westerlaken, a dedicated researcher and colleague, has announced the publication of a new book chapter co-authored with Lily Rodriguez. The chapter, titled “Employer Engagement with Human Trafficking,” is featured in the book “Conflict and Hostility in Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars,” edited by Conrad Lashley.

This insightful chapter delves into the pressing issue of human trafficking within the hospitality industry. Westerlaken and Rodriguez explore how employers can play a crucial role in combating this crime through effective policies, training, accountability measures, and partnerships with law enforcement and non-profits. The chapter emphasizes the importance of raising awareness and implementing robust procedures to protect vulnerable individuals.

Westerlaken is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this significant topic, highlighting that ending human trafficking requires a comprehensive societal effort, with businesses playing a vital role. He hopes this work will prompt further dialogue and action within the industry.

For more details, the chapter can be accessed here: Employer engagement with human trafficking | 8 | Conflict and Hostilit (