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We had the privilege of hosting the CHME2023 conference in Leeuwarden in May 2023. This marked the 32nd annual CHME conference and it was only the second ever to be outside of the UK (2017 was in Denmark). With the participation of 89 international delegates, this was the largest CHME conference in several years.

Throughout the event, we organized a series of activities that spanned four days. These included captivating keynote speeches delivered by Alexander de Vries, Dr. Angelique Lombarts, Conrad Lashley, Dr. Ian Yeoman, and Dr. Meghan Muldoon. Additionally, we arranged 15 break-out sessions, which facilitated discussions on various topics such as critical and cultural studies of hospitality, sustainability and circularity, as well as learning and teaching in Hospitality Management education. To complement these sessions, we showcased 41 paper presentations and 26 poster presentations, covering a wide range of hospitality-related subjects.

In addition to the academic program, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy some memorable experiences. This included a delightful Gala Dinner at Proefverlof restaurant in Blokhuispoort, as well as lunches at restaurant Wannee. Moreover, delegates had the chance to explore the city of Leeuwarden through a walking tour.

We are immensely proud of the four amazing and inspiring days and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this event.