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Three times per year the Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) of Hotel Management School Leeuwarden publishes the peer-reviewed Open Access journal ‘Research in Hospitality Management’. The journal publishes articles that make an original contribution to the understanding of hospitality and to the theory and practice of international hospitality management.

The journal is seeking submissions for a special edition exploring the future of the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Scholars, researchers and industry professionals are invited to contribute thought-provoking short papers of approximately 2000 words.

This special edition aims to provide insightful perspectives on emerging trends, challenges and opportunities that will shape the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector in the years to come. We welcome forward-thinking analyses that draw from multidisciplinary viewpoints and diverse global contexts.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: sustainable tourism, technological innovations, evolving consumer behaviours, workforce transformation, crisis management strategies, and the reimagining of guest experiences.

For more information, feel free to contact the Editor in Chief, Dr. Rodney Westerlaken at